GMC is known for powerful engines and large vehicles. The engineering of the American brand has pioneered the way for the modern vehicles of today’s streets. Both urban and rural customers have found their way to the GMC brand. And there are plenty of reasons why. With the announcement of the newest engine, GMC just gave us all one more reason to love their ingenuity. Introducing the new Duramax 6.6L Diesel Engine.

“…Customers have forged a bond with the Duramax Diesel based on trust and capability” – Dan Nicholson, VP Global Propulsion Systems

Explaining the Duramax Diesel Engine

The engineers at GMC have clearly done their research. They heard the call, answered, and delivered. The 6.6L engine comes with a V-8 turbo-diesel. Offering 445 horsepower and up to 910 net pounds per foot of torque brings an impressively strong engine together. The vehicle is easily made more capable of hauling and trailering. The 19% increase in torque is rewarding for a smoother ride as well. The 28% reduction in idle engine noise comes as a result of the damped steel oil pan.

The newly designed Duramax Diesel Engine combines new technology, while staying true to GMC’s expert craftsmanship. Reassembled and redesigned, the Duramax Diesel Engine comes premium in every sense of the word. An advanced fuel system and electronic controls start off the new configuration. Biodiesel capability is a bonus. A cast-iron foundation for stability and durability help continue the legendary GMC performance. New air intake systems keep the engine cool and dry.

The brand new Duramax 6.6L Diesel Engine comes available in the 2017 Sierra HD.

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