The Jaguar XF is rounding off the first year of it’s second generation model with a Golden Steering Wheel award from Germany’s prestigious ceremony. Voted “best saloon” for mid-full-size cars, the XF continues to prove just how good a Jaguar can be. It’s stunning features, elegant design, and premium performance combine to make the ultimate driving machine. But since we may be a little biased, we’ve compiled some facts to back up our opinions.

The overall design of the Jaguar XF begins with a lightweight aluminum body. It’s durable, strong, and environmentally friendly. The wishbone shaped suspension formation enables the XF to perform with better agility and solid structure. The engine options generate further impressive options. The 180 HP 2.0L option also comes with the Ingenium Diesel version available. A 3.0L 340 HP engine is a more powerful option as well.

As per usual, Jaguar’s XF features luxury outside and in. The leather combinations allow for customization. Seating for 5 allows for a more convenient and spacious cabin. The XF is as intelligent as it is beautiful. The Jaguar InControl ® smart system brings data and media at your command. The laser enabled Head-Up Display projects data onto the windshield, so you never have to take your eyes off the road. An 8-inch display controls audio and the available navigation. A full Meridian Sound system encompasses the cabin for further ambience and added experience.

Alright, so we said our part. The Jaguar XF is a true thing of beauty. While others make their attempts to rival the XF, they tend to fall short. But once you experience the masterclass of the XF, can you really blame them?

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