If there’s one thing that Jaguar has down, it’s luxury. And we mean that in every sense of the word. Luxury finishes. Luxury performance. Luxury standards. And if there’s one vehicle that culminates to bring it all together, it’s the Jaguar XJ sedan. From bumper to bumper, the XJ is proving just how luxurious a luxury sedan can be.

Performance and Options

The Jaguar XJ packs a range of options for performance. Let’s start with the basic 3.0L engine. It offers a V6 engine with 340 horsepower. If you choose to upgrade to the 5.0L engine, you’ll be looking at V8 options with 470 horsepower or 550 horsepower. The 0-60 mph timing impresses with a beginning speed of 5.7 seconds, and continues on the faster track upward.

The added performance kicks in with the driving assistance technologies. Adaptive Dynamics take control of the speed, steering, and movement for better overall performance. Suspension damping and stability are modified to accommodate the conditions. The Jaguar XJ also features multiple driving modes as well. The Dynamic mode and Rain/Snow modes adjust for optimal driving in almost any road circumstances. Active Differential settings help cornering, agility, and traction outputs for each wheelbase.

Technology and Interior

Jaguar’s signature InControl Touch Pro ™ takes center stage in the new XJ models. Smartphone integration and media controls help to make a seamless connection with the outside world. The virtual instrument panel features the diagnostics and updated data. Meridian Sound Systems surround the cabin to provide a premium sound throughout the drive. The Advanced Driver Assistance features 4 cameras to help parking and safer driving circumstances.

Last, but not least, are the finishes that top off the whole package. Quilted leather seating makes for an elegant and comfortable interior. Up to 3 feet of leg space for rear passengers is a nice added bonus as well. While the Jaguar XJ may be a sedan, it lacks little in the way of space. The panoramic glass ceiling opens up to the outside world, but comes equipped with UV protection. All-in-all, it’s as beautiful inside as it is outside.

The Jaguar XJ may be the finest sedan the brand has ever produced. At least, the early reports of drivers seem to think so, as do we. If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the 2017 models, you’ll be looking at a starting MSRP of $74,400. Options and add-ons expand upward from there.

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