Well folks, it’s about time we all start seeing the Range Rover Sport for what it really is. It’s so much more than just a convenient and high-quality SUV. It’s more than foreign luxury. It’s so much more than just another “pretty face.” It’s time we see the Range Rover Sport for what it really is: a powerful, performance-based driving machine.

Recently, the Range Rover Sport conquered the Alpine Ski course. Set in Murren, Switzerland, the course has defeated many skiers on the resort due to it’s 75 percent gradients and 2,170 meter descent. But this proved to be no match for Land Rover’s high-end vehicle. British racing driver Ben Collins guided the vehicle down the slopes at up to 96 mph and arrived safely at the base in fine time.

So how did the Range Rover Sport do it? Equipped with the 510PS 5.0L Supercharged V8 engine, the vehicle tackled the slopes with little problem. Land Rover’s Terrain Response assisted in achieving the descent down the mountain. With Grass/Gravel/Snow mode and Mud and Ruts mode, the car stayed stable and the tires held better with traction.

There you go. The Range Rover Sport proves that it’s so much more than the urban touring vehicle that so many have associated the brand with. Offering advanced engine technologies in a stylish format, the Range Rover Sport makes luxury more powerful than any other.

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